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We will help you do your 'Due Diligence' with this product, prior to purchasing, in order to ensure that it is a good match to your business.

A written request for information (RFI) is preferred, so that we can answer all of your questions in a timely manner, helping you to make an informed decision prior to purchasing.

We welcome questions during this important period, and are happy to demo the product for you at any time.

eStream POS XDB is a great choice for many retail businesses, and we ensure that the software continues to provide valuable, accurate and timely information at all times post purchase.

We warranty your software installation at no charge for a period of 30 days from the date of purchasing your License.

During the warranty period, we offer a 'Money Back' guarantee if you are not satisified with our services.

Thereafter, we offer an additional maintenance contract, or you can pay by incident, for continued support and upgrades.